Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"I Can't Live Without Your Love"

I can't live without your love
I can't live without your touch
The pride I stand to gain isn't worth the pain
I can't face another day
And I don't care who's to blame
If this is what it takes, I'll be the one to break
I'm not giving up
I can't live without your...

Footsteps down the hallway, the strength you have within
How much you say in silence, yeah, your breath upon my skin
Don't know who I am without you
Just like the very air I breathe

As we sit here in the quiet, there's a pounding in my head
I feel the weight of a thousand angry words between us
The bitter things we said
So I'm reaching out to you tonight
I don't care who's wrong, I don't care who's right
We've come too far to let this slip away now
I'm asking you, I'm telling you
I'm begging you

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